A Little Cloud is an episode from season 1
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Cloud is crying


Pocoyo has an unusual friend: a lonely little cloud who just wants to play.


While on his way to play with his friend, Pato, Pocoyo notices that something is casting a shadow over him. It's a little cloud. And wherever Pocoyo goes, the cloud follows. This annoys Pocoyo, as the cloud just laughs.

He goes to Pato for help. Pato, after seeing the cloud, laughs instead. The cloud then starts to hover over Pato, annoying him by following him around as well. Pocoyo and Pato both try to escape the cloud, but wherever they go, the cloud goes, too.

Finally, Pocoyo angrily orders the cloud to go away. Is that rain pouring from the cloud? No, those drops are tears. The cloud is crying because his feelings are hurt. Pocoyo and Pato get the cloud to stop crying and discover that the cloud just wants a friend.


Pocoyo - A Little Cloud (S01E06)

Pocoyo - A Little Cloud (S01E06)

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