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"A Little Something Between Friends" is episode 46 of Season 1 of Pocoyo.


Pocoyo and Pato are building a tower of blocks. Pato needs one more block, and Pocoyo takes one out of the bottom. But the tower falls down.

Pato is angry at Pocoyo for knocking it down. Pocoyo is also angry at Pato. They are so angry with each other that they build a wall between themselves. They play alone with their toys, separated by the wall.

But then they suddenly realize that they miss each other. Elly appears and kicks the wall away. She tells them to be friends again. They hug each other and finally reconcile.

Pato mad at pocoyo by porygon2z-d34rahh


  • When Pocoyo and Pato cry, Pocoyo's mouth is missing.
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