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Baby Bird Sitting is the 31st episode of the second season of Pocoyo.


Baby Bird and Caterpillar are too hyper for Pocoyo and Pato to babysit.


The episode starts with Sleepy Bird asleep with Baby Bird and the phone rings, Sleepy Bird picks it up, goes out and tells Pocoyo and Pato that she is going out and one of them will babysit Baby Bird, none of them want to but she says whoever babysits will not have to tidy up.

In which Pato picks up Baby Bird before Pocoyo can and he gets angry that he has to tidy up. Baby Bird wakes up and asks Pato why Sleepy bird is not there, Pato says he is Baby sitting for the day but Baby Bird gets angry about this and Caterpillar shows up.

Pato says Caterpillar can play with Baby bird but they get hyper and Pato says its time to eat, and gives them milk but Baby Bird wants cake so Pato says if he gives them cake then they have to take a nap. After cake Caterpiller has to pee but pees on Pato, and Baby bird says he wants a walk on the moon but Pato says they have to take a nap afterwards Pato shows them beds, but they are too hyper Pato tells Pocoyo but Pocoyo finished cleaning and wants to relax.

Pato tells him he has to and Pocoyo tries but they are still to hyper. Pocoyo tells Pato to try but they have an idea, they pretend they are sleepy and want to use Baby Bird and Caterpillar's beds, but Baby Bird and Caterpillar want Pocoyo and Pato to use their own beds. Sleepy Bird comes back and wants Pocoyo and Pato to babysit every day, but they tip over and Sleepy Bird takes that as a no.

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