Big Scary Slide is the third episode from the second season of Pocoyo.


Pocoyo's friends are enjoying a sunny day when Pocoyo leads them to a playpark. Attractions include swings, a see-saw, a carousel, and a big slide. Caterpillar is the first one to ride the slide, much to Pocoyo's shock. He then lets Baby Bird go in front of him, much to the little bird's happiness. Pocoyo is next, but he forces Pato to go first. When it is finally his turn again, Pocoyo refuses to go. Pocoyo then decides to try it, but climbs down in terror and sits on one of the swings. Then, Elly starts pretending to be scared to slide down without someone, in an effort to get Pocoyo to slide down the slide. A frightened Pocoyo reluctantly goes up the slide, and the two slide down. It turns out that Pocoyo likes it, and he and his friends go on it over and over again.
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