Pocoyo and Pato are out for an adventure in the Vamoosh in space. Pato insists on driving, but he goes crazy and causes a piece of the Vamoosh to fall off, resulting in the Vamoosh itself landing on a strange planet. Pocoyo and Pato look for it seperately, but Pato hears strange noises. Eventually, Pato gets scared, but Pocoyo sends him away every time. Pato then sees a strange orange alien, who chases him. Pocoyo doesn't believe him until he falls into a hole with the alien inside, which climbs onto his head. The alien then reveals the missing piece of the vamoosh. He then gives Pato other things, and suddenly, he becomes his friend. Pato doesn't want to leave, but he has to go with Pocoyo home, only to find out that Pocoyo took a souvenir photo of him and the alien.


The scene where Pato gets chased by the orange alien is a reference to Tex Avery's cartoons, but to be more specific, Dumb-Hounded and Northwest Hounded Police, in which the character of Droopy would keep popping up in unexpected places, and the wolf would do a wild take whenever he discovered him.

The scenes where Pocoyo doesn't believe Pato saw the alien are a reference to the Porky and Sylvester cartoons directed by Chuck Jones, in which Porky and Sylvester would go to a frightening location and only Sylvester was aware of the danger.

Pocoyo - Scary Noises (S02E16)

Pocoyo - Scary Noises (S02E16)

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