Swept Away is a episode from Season 1

Pocoyo playing with his blocks in the start of this episode


Pocoyo shows us that tidying can be fun too: a broom can be a horse, a guitar, and even a hockey stick!.


Pocoyo is playing with his blocks and knocks his tower down not being mad at himself he pretends he is a elephant but then finds a strange object (a broom) and plays horse with it he then plays ice hockey and knocks down a bucket of blocks he knocks even more when he plays guitar but then remembers Elly is coming to play blocks with him he then comes up with an idea to clean up put his horse ice hockey game and guitar to clean up just in time cause Elly came right when Pocoyo finished cleaning up and they play blocks. 


  • This is the first episode where the Narrator plays with Pocoyo alone.
  • Interestingly, Pocoyo pretends a broom as a horse. But he doesn't know what a horse is until the episode Horse.


Pocoyo - Swept Away (S01E03)

Pocoyo - Swept Away (S01E03)

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