"Umbrella Umbrella" is an episode of Pocoyo from season 1. In this episode, Pocoyo and his friends find an umbrella and have fun playing with it.


Pocoyo saw an umbrella in front of him and he was looking at it.Pocoyo saw the umbrella moving toward Loula and she woke up.Pocoyo and Loula were looking at the umbrella and it scared Pocoyo and Loula by being closed.Pocoyo and Lould find out that he can open and close the umbrella.The wind made Pocoyo flying and Loula was following him.The umbrella got stuck on the branch and Pocoyo landed.Pocoyo and Loula were looking at the umbrella until Pato is walking and quacking.Pocoyo and Loula were hiding under the umbrella and Pocoyo shouted Pato's name and coming closer to him.Pocoyo and Loula scared him.Elly is walking to Pocoyo and his friends.Elly was doing tricks with the umbrella.The rain is rolling towards Pocoyo and his friends.
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